Grant - 066 Act 5 - Alcatraz

Grant - 066
Grant - 066 posted on 26th Feb 2015 in Act 5 - Alcatraz
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Captaingerbear 26th Feb 2015 edit delete
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Grant's on-the-job training begins at the sound of the flush.


brumagem 26th Feb 2015 edit delete reply
I thought it was cute that this guy bakes, but then I learn it's only a dumb ol' euphemism for poop.
Saikkusukka 27th Feb 2015 edit delete reply
I know right? Biggest disappointment of the day.
Ovnuniarchos 26th Feb 2015 edit delete reply
Whazzat? You don't want Grant to smell him? >)
Rob Roy 1st Mar 2015 edit delete reply
aw... I don't like the way this is going.
josbell975 8th Mar 2015 edit delete reply
Way to keep it real, guess I wont be having sex in there anytime soon...

Why would Ape have to mask his scent? Solman doesn't know he's...baking, and why is he looking for Grant? I'm guessing Ape is a were and Solman is the cop/cabbie?
Notboss 30th Mar 2015 edit delete reply
I love this comic. ^^ keep going.
Faration01 21st Jun 2015 edit delete reply
Sorry, that life seems to have gotten in the way for you, but I wanted to let you know that this comic was one of my favorite web-comics, and that you have a epic life.
thedon 12th Sep 2015 edit delete reply
is this for sale anyware? would lovely add this to my shelf.
HaloFan 16th Sep 2015 edit delete reply
I like this comic a lot, and I hope it updates soon.
ruiner420 24th Nov 2015 edit delete reply
Next update when?
Me! 23rd Feb 2016 edit delete reply
please please please please please please PLEASE post this comic on Tapastic!! :)) Feel free to find me on there, my user is 'mykklaw' :)
Ingonyama 22nd Aug 2016 edit delete reply the cologne laced with pheromones or something? That's what would make the most sense to snag a hungry werewolf, you gotta make him smell the steak.
Kuinshi 16th Feb 2017 edit delete reply
When is this comic coming back? I want to see whats gonna happen next.
Ianite 13th May 2019 edit delete reply
Dear Jeremy,
I dunno if you’ll see or respond to this, but I’m just wondering when Grant will keep going? My best guess as to why it hasn’t been updated in a while is maybe due to you having a mix of other responsibilities, lack of motivation/interest, and/or not knowing how to continue narratively. I completely understand if you just want move on from Grant and continue work on new projects such as Extracurricular Activities, but if you do decide to pick it up again in the future, I just want you to know that myself and many other people will totally support you, even after the long hiatus.