Grant - VDSD 2016 Act 5 - Alcatraz

Grant - VDSD 2016
Grant - VDSD 2016 posted on 14th Feb 2016 in Act 5 - Alcatraz
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Captaingerbear 14th Feb 2016 edit delete

Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2016

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Mark Egan 14th Feb 2016 edit delete reply
Awesomely drawn entry :D
Great to have you onboard for VDSD!
vaslittlecrow 14th Feb 2016 edit delete reply
The beefy manliness! I love it.
Niauropsaka 15th Feb 2016 edit delete reply
They're huge! :D
Detax 17th Feb 2016 edit delete reply
More Grant! I'm so glad to see it's still going.
Chibiteratsu 11th Mar 2016 edit delete reply
I gotta see more of Grant! The plot is so good and so rich with emotion! (Holy bears <3) Keep up the amazing work! You got 1 new fan that's for sure!
Franciel 30th Mar 2016 edit delete reply
Thank god you are back, please....tell us you came back to stay, I really missed your job. I thought you were even dead hahahah...really
Offline 13th May 2016 edit delete reply
We r all happy to see you back.
Excellent work.
Kathleen 10th Dec 2016 edit delete reply
Is this comic still alive?
When will there be more to the Grant story? I wanna see the villains pay for what they did to Grant's first love
Kuinshi 4th Feb 2017 edit delete reply
When is the new section coming out I wanna see where this story goes.
Bryan 16th Mar 2017 edit delete reply
will the writer ever finish this story? I have been waiting, I would like to see grant get revenge, and then finally have a happy ending(not sexual ending)
Pulp Press 19th May 2017 edit delete reply
Pulp Press
You continue to draw some of the sexiest bears on the net :) Always a pleasure to see your work.
Is there an official hiatus notice to this story? Has it been finished and/or released elsewhere?
bowserk44 5th Jan 2018 edit delete reply
no i don't think there is a finished version and yes it is on other sites but on the same page
Kuinshi 22nd Jan 2018 edit delete reply
I wish we had some announcement of when the next pages are made.
bowserk44 3rd Feb 2018 edit delete reply
The artist has a furaffinity account