Grant - 063 Epilogue Act 5 - Alcatraz

Grant - 063 Epilogue
Grant - 063 Epilogue posted on 14th Feb 2015 in Act 5 - Alcatraz
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Captaingerbear 14th Feb 2015 edit delete
A little something extra for the end of page 63, and my entry for the Valentines' Day Sex Drive! You can find a full resolution version HERE

The Complete List of Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2015 Participants

Nate Hammond - Jazz and Jess (NUDITY HERE) | Captaingerbear - Grant | Alli Perry - Out of My Element | Miluette - Lovefeast | Juno Blair - Star Cross'd Destiny | Dave Barrack - Grrl Power | Jackarais - Bicycle Boy | Andrew Hunter - Delve | Bearalzebub - Devilbear: The Grimoires of Bearalzebub | Rabbitual Offender - Rabbitual Offender | Raven Perez - Raven's Dojo | Jeromatic - Bunny Wiggins | Spaces - Holy Bibble | Nick Greaves - The Great Isle of Prentil | Zach Vanzile - West Tree Academy of Heroes | Jeremy Begin - After the Dream | TK Doherty - Nikki Sprite | Doomy - Demented | Mike Aston and Shaun Nicholls - Lacey Investigations | Lou Graziani - CyBoar | John Harrington - The Savage Sword of Sharona | Niauropsaka - Raspberry Rain | F.T. Benjamins - Holding Pattern | Phil and Max - Indifferently Evil | Yellowgerbil - Zoe the Vampire | Mark Egan - Bata Neart | Mark Egan - Back Office | Peter Anckorn - By The Book | Amy Letts - Epic Fail | Casey J. - Buying Time | Sean Harrington - Spying With Lana | Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz and SA - Rasputin Catamite | Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz - Rasputin Barxotka | R(ed) - Meiosis | Byron Wilkins - 1977 the Comic | Stef Marcinkowski - Sarah Zero


Skweeee 15th Feb 2015 edit delete reply
Jeepers! Your art is beautiful. Just looking at the evolution of the styles you've selected, as your story progressed.
I'm self taught, and the look of your art is kinda the quality I want to end up at. Subbed.
Thank you kindly! This comic has been very sparsely updated since 2006, so this evolution you are seeing is actually 9 years of my comfort zone just moving around.
Vas 15th Feb 2015 edit delete reply
These two guys look so cuddly and sexy. Great VDSD entry!
Vas 15th Feb 2015 edit delete reply
These two guys look so cuddly and sexy. Great VDSD entry!
Vas 15th Feb 2015 edit delete reply
These two guys look so cuddly and sexy. Great VDSD entry!
Rex Ganymede (3005).
too bad i can't leave a rating for this page, geremy!
josbell975 16th Feb 2015 edit delete reply
I didn't know you were here! I slammed the Subscribe button b/c I can never get enough of this!
Saikkusukka 18th Feb 2015 edit delete reply
Oh man, just read this whole thing in one sitting and fell in love with these cuddly bears. Oh god seriously. Ima check in often to see if there are any updates!
Rob Roy 18th Feb 2015 edit delete reply
Please let there be updates...
I'm slow with these, but working on a new page now.
Saikkusukka 21st Feb 2015 edit delete reply
Awesome! No pressure, just letting you know that you've got one more regular reader c:
Rob Roy 18th Feb 2015 edit delete reply
Hey - Just found this/you 4 days ago and I've read you again every day. Great evolving artwork and first-rate dialog - plus your men are sexy, sexy beasts.
My favorite page, very sexy and beautifully drawn.
I agree
Ingonyama 22nd Aug 2016 edit delete reply
I want a pair of those.

Either Grant's briefs or Grant and Bent, either works.