Grant - 063 Act 5 - Alcatraz

Grant - 063
Grant - 063 posted on 10th Feb 2015 in Act 5 - Alcatraz
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Captaingerbear 10th Feb 2015 edit delete
Due to the way this flash file is structured, I had to host it externally in order for the preloader to function. Please visit this page here -
Page 63 Interactive
This is an interactive flash file, and playing it reveals dialogue important to the story.


Sam 1st Mar 2015 edit delete reply
THIS GAME MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE!!!! Do I really have to try every possible item combination before it loads the next set of clothes? How is this a game? This is an endurance test! Fucking terrible.
Sinul1 28th Nov 2015 edit delete reply
So I find it fun trying all the different looks, but I'm unsure of how to move the storyline forward...
Laniakea 21st Aug 2017 edit delete reply
since your website changed, the commented link isn't working anymore. I tried to combine the link with the URL of your new website (
It worked.
Here's the new link:
Ingonyama 20th Mar 2018 edit delete reply
For everyone who missed out, this Flash game can still be found here: